Mair’s education and training

Trainings Attended (Partial List)

~International Intensive Training with

Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, 2000

~Special Social Change Session, 2005

(Switzerland, 15 days, 60 participants, 25 countries)

~BayNVC Leadership Program, 2001-2

~Certified International Trainer, CNVC, Assessor Robert Gonzales 2005

~Co-Founder, San Quentin Prison NVC Teaching Team, 2002

~5th Annual Educator’s Institute, WA, 2006

~NVC Advanced Training Institute Retreats

*Carefree, Arizona

*Malibu, California

*Vancouver, Canada

~NVC Dance Floors Trainings

*Gold Beach, Oregon

*Oakland, California

*Ojai, California

*Toronto, Canada

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